Scrumptious Flavoured Popcorn


If you have already looked at our Crunchy Chip recipe you will find its very similar!

1. Air-pop your popcorn

2. Choose your seasoning and coat your popcorn.

TIP: Lightly spray your air-popped popcorn with a light olive oil spray so the seasoning sticks to it.

If you don’t have oil spray; Place a little olive oil and spices/ seasoning in large pot with the corn kernels, place lid on top. Once it starts to pop shake the pot allowing the popcorn to be evenly covered.

Flavouring Ideas:

– Cinnamon

– Plain Garlic Popcorn (mmmmm our favourite) Saute some garlic and olive oil and mix in with your popcorn.

– Garlic and Basil Popcorn. Season the popcorn with garlic and basil seasoning

– Parmesan Popcorn

– ok ok here it is Peanut butter popcorn! Use Organic PB and coat your popcorn while its still hot. CAUTION: this is messy, you will end up with sticky PB fingers. But its delicioussssssss.

– Mixed-Spice

Pretty much any spice flavouring you like!


Enjoy xo