Hey Fit Chicks,


What is everyone up to this Saturday night? We are having a quiet one at home! Procrastination from study lead us to a little spring clean at our home!


We cleaned and organised the kitchen…

Jacqui cleaning the kitchen walls!











Clean and tidy pantry!! YAY!


made a inspiration corner…….

Inspiration Corner- We love cute serving platters and chalk boards!


…….and decided on a late delicious healthy dinner!


The only protein we had in the fridge was salmon, so we decided to “Suave” (dedication to Pheobe Ho) it up with some dill and garlic!

We steam it in a bamboo steamer which is soooo simple, you can find these in most Asian supermarkets and home-ware stores.  We use this method because it is quick and healthy. Bamboo steamers are one of the healthiest cooking methods as no fats or oils need to be added. We decided to serve our “Suave” salmon with a bed of stir fried vegetable that we had lying around in the fridge.


Place Salmon on individual baking paper, season with salt and pepper, add a touch of lemon, and pop some fresh dill leaves on top with a squashed glove of garlic.

Fold the baking paper up to make a bon bon. Twist each end making sure you seal it completely..

The bamboo steamer should be already on. All you have to do is place the steamer on a pot with boiling water underneath. Place salmon parcels in the steamer for about 10min.

While salmon is steaming away, cut up any veggies you have in your fridge and throw them in a hot wok with a splash of soy... cook until tender.



After about 10 min ….


and here you go... our Saturday night "Suave" Salmon

Have a lovely weekend.


xo s&j xo