We love snuggling up to a good movie in winter! 



So excited, tonight I’m at the Drive-Ins with my friend Suzie! Trying to keep myself occupied since Sana is away so I don’t get bored!

I haven’t been here since I came last year! And last time we came we ate way too much junk and I felt sick for days! So this time I thought I would recreate some of my favourtie movie snacks to bring along!


Dont be afraid when going out because you think won’t be able to keep up your clean eating. All you have to do is follow some of our super easy recipes and voila all you have left is to choose which movie to watch!


Here are some of our movie madness munchies!


Who doesn’t like POPCORN! Popcorn is delicious and healthy, easy to make up your own seasoning without all the extra fat and salt. Cinemas have ruined the original flavourings of popcorn. So why not try make your own next time.


Its easy! Here are some recipes for Home made flavoured popcorn.


Ok so when growing up my Aunty always gave us chips. If it was an afternoon snack or in our lunch boxes, the baby smith’s packets were always around (yes i know its not healthy, but I’ve grown out of it now). But this love for chips made me re-create them at home, giving us a crunchy yummy flavoursome snack!


Check out our Crunchy Veggie Chips!

So far we have some great savoury tastes. But what about something sweet. I’ve always been a fan of eating sweet and savoury together!


How about some yogurt covered strawberries !! YES PLEASE! I even added some organic peanut butter!


Now this is one for the kids! Or even big kids! Everyone knows popcorn chicken! Well we made mini meatballs! Baked in the oven, not fried! WIth the Thermomix we were able to pack so many vegetables in them without anyone knowing! Serve them with a home made tomato chutney instead of processed tomato sauce!

Dont forget drinks! Now that its winter we love our tea! So try some green tea, cinnamon tea or even cardamom tea! No need to add sugar or milk, they are delicious without it.


But if you are wanting something cold try some flavoured water! Sound boring? No its not!


Here are some simple options:

– Citrus flavoured water! Add fresh citrus juice to your water. Lemon, Lime, Orange etc.

– Herbs.. Fresh mint and lemongrass in a super cold glass of water! So refreshing!

– If you’re after something sweet try crushing up any sort of berries or pomegranate into your water.

-Some of you are thinking .. but what about the bubbles.. what about the fizz! Try some soda water mixed with your favorite fruit.

Now this one goes out to my Aunties who always serve their guava punch at every family gathering. I have adapted it for a healthier fizzy option creating our own Guiltless fizzy guava drink.



So there you have it. Some quick, easy, healthy snacks to get you through this cold, wintery movie season!


Now I should get back to the movie.

Have a good night all xo j xo