1.Low or no – fat diets work best  – False

The body needs fat for energy, so by cutting it out totally you’ll become lethargic and tired. Make sure you still get your essential unsaturated fats founds in avocado and oily fish to keep your body ticking

2. Detox helps kick start a diet – False

It’s a common misconception that a fasting cleanse like lemon and syrup will help start off your diet. Although you will see results at the beginning, as your literally starving yourself, your body will immediately start storing the kilojoules once u resume a solid diet. This means you will pile on the pounds again and may be even at a faster rate

 3.Food eaten after 8 pm turns to fat – False

New studies have shown that it is not when you eat, but how much which the key to weight management is. It’s the total amount of food eaten in a 24 hr period that counts rather than the large meal at lunch or dinner.

4.All cholesterol is bad cholesterol – False

 The word cholesterol has become a no – go zone for any girl watching her weight. However, we need good cholesterol found in foods such as nuts and seeds to keep the bad cholesterol from clogging up our arteries.

5.Cutting out carbs helps you lose weight – False

Just like most food groups, there are good and bad carbs. Stay clear of processed white cards and enjoy wholegrain, brown carbs like brown rice and whole-wheat pasta for the most sustainable diet

6.Grapefruit and pineapple burn fat – False

Being told that a fruit contains a ‘ fat burning’ enzyme is a dream come true for every girl, However this is not true. You can eat as much of these fruits but they won’t help you lose weight …. Sorry 🙁

7. skipping meals will help your body use up your body stores which will make you lose weight – False

This is probably the biggest mistake ever; skipping meals will slow down your metabolism. It’s advisable to eat smaller, regular meals to give your body constant supply of energy

8.Low – fat alternatives are best – False

People assume that by grabbing the ‘healthy’ version of a food in the supermarket you are doing good. But we warned sometimes the low – carb variations have higher kilojoules sometimes so do read your food labels. Plus people tend to increase the portion size when eating low – fat alternatives thinking it wont do harm. You still need to watch your Portion size.

9.Coffee aids weight loss – False

The myth that coffee suppresses the appetite has long been under inspection. What is does is briefly fills you up but in no way increases your metabolism. So enjoy your lattes, but do not expect to see your weight drop.

10. Dairy is a diet no – go zone – False

We need the nutrients that dairy products such as milk and yoghurt and cheese gives us, so by cutting it out you are eliminating an essential source of calcium, zinc and protein. Choose low fat version but make sure they still contain good quantities of calcium. They are plenty of alternatives in the market, so if you are lactose intolerant there’s soy milk, rice milk or almond milk for you to choose from.

xo S