FAD diets overview


The term ‘FAD’ itself sums it all up for us.

FAD = Gaining popularity quickly and fades of just as quickly (short – lived) = Unsustainable behaviour

 Just because a diet has gained popularity (quickly) and is being endorsed by a celebrity or you read about it in a magazines doesn’t mean it is NOT going to FAIL you. Generally people feel that they have failed themselves when they are unable to maintain or stick to a certain diet. But that is far from reality. In reality it is the diet that has failed you.  These diets are often unrealistic and strict which make is harder for you to stick by. These diets lack reputable scientific evidence which show that they are of health benefits to you. Yes, you may lose some Kilos here and there but how long will be able to keep it off till. And just because you have LOST weight that doesn’t translate into GOOD health, on the contrary losing weight by going on any ‘FAD’ diets, you put yourself at risk of being deficient in many nutrients that your body requires to function normally. This is just one side effects; other problems include constipation, fatigue, bad – breathe, low energy levels and irritation.

The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) recently published the result of an online survey which included 50 of the nation’s nutrition experts (not self proclaimed nutrition experts, but people who have been involved in research or higher education for years ) to expose the worse diets of 2012 that should be avoided. From the 9 most popular diets (the Paelo, the Lemon detox, the Atkins Diet, the Liver cleansing diet, the raw food diet, the Dukan diet, the Acid Alkaline diet, the Blood type diet and the Zone diet) celebrity – endorsed Blood type diet (63%) and the Acid – Alkaline diet (31%) made it to the top 3 worst diets, along with the Liver Cleansing diet being consider the worst of all with the majority of votes (80%)

Losing weight is ‘easy’ but keeping it off long – term is the real challenge and for that you need to get expert advice for the right support. Dr Watson who is the spokesperson for the DAA recommends “small, sustainable changers over the long – term rather than yo – yo dietiting”, which in reality is the way to go if you are looking for health benefits in combination with weight loss. When attempting you lose weight please Seek professional advice from accredited practising dietitian or Nutritionists.

Here are 5 ways to spot a fad diet

1. Diets that promotes or bans certain foods or food groups ; Lists of good & bad foods

2. Promises results in a short time which are either based on a single study or testimonials (i.e. lacks evidence)

3. Promotes short – term changes to eating /exercising practices

4. Encourages ‘fat burners’ or ‘metabolism boosters’

5. Contradicts the recommendation of trusted health professionals


Stay tuned, we will write about each of these diets in more details in our upcoming posts. Dukan & Paelo diets are on the top of our lists.