Today officially marks the start of my holidays! I have a week off work to relax and blog. I thought it would be nice to spend the week at the Gold Coast with sun, sand and my new vintage bike, but clearly mother nature doesn’t agree with me and Queensland is current going through yet another flood crisis. Not to worry because being locked in my unit allows me to have fun in the kitchen 🙂

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One of the ingredients I bought with me to the Gold Coast are Chia Seeds. Chia Seeds are from the Salvia hispanica plant and come from the mint family. The seeds have many different uses in the kitchen and can be used in sweet or savory dishes. The seeds are high in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin/mineral dense.

  • Chia is gluten free
  • It is super high in dietary fibre, making it great for digestion and healing digestion issues.
  • It contains 20% Omega 3 ALA, making it a super food for the brain and heart. Chia has eight times more Omega 3 than salmon!
  • It boasts 20% protein
  • The protein is a complete protein with all 8 essential amino acids
  • It is high in antioxidants (It has a four times higher value than blueberries)
  • Chia contains five times more calcium than milk
  • Chia contains seven times more vitamin C than oranges
  • It contains three times more iron than spinach
  • It contains twice the potassium content of banana
  • It is food for healthy skin, hair and nails
  • It has a positive impact balancing blood glucose levels (making it awesome for diabetics)
  • Chia makes a great egg replacement. Just combine with water to form a gel, and add it to recipes that call for egg.