Goodmorning Fit Chicks (and guys)!

As you can probably tell I am back into it (even though exams aren’t over yet!).

If you follow me on instagram (@getfitchicks) and facebook (Get Fit Chicks) you would notice that I have been well into meal preparation for a few months now.

Time is of the essence, but so is your health and well-being. Australians are now working longer hours and dealing with higher stress levels which make preparation and actions for health a valuable tool in providing a work/life/health balance. I find that meal preparation and a good physical activity routine is effective in creating a balance of well-being. With lifestyle related illness now costing the Australian economy an estimated $21 billion it is important for health to become YOUR main priority.

You don’t have to be a chef or even a foodie to meal prep for yourself and/or your family. It takes a little patience (something I struggle with), some sacrifice and GREAT planning.

Today I want to share my tips for the busy morning BREAKFAST BLITZ! The last thing you want to be doing in the morning is cutting up vegetables for an omelette right? But in saying that packaged cereals and on the go options wont be fueling your body right for a busy day ahead! So with a little preparation before your busy week you can have a delicious body fueling breakfast and some time to enjoy your morning coffee without the rush.

Here is what I do:

1. During my weekend Meal Prep Day I prepare all my omelette ingredients.

2. Cut up my mushrooms, onion, wash and prepare my cherry tomatoes and spinach.

3. Ensure you have enough eggs for the week so you don’t need to opt for a not-so-healthy breakfast

4. Store each ingredient in an air tight contain in the fridge. I use the Glad Ware containers, they are great for storage and fit the fridge perfectly. Keep all the breakfast ingredients in a section on their own so it’s quick and easy in the morning. 1425745_10152023497490350_1237512566_n

5. When you wake up simple take a portion out of each container and make a quick healthy breakfast omelette! No washing up cutting boards, knives etc. Just your pan!

It really is as simple as that. Take a few moments on the weekend to ensure you have a strong healthy week.

Eat Healthy, Live Happy, Get Fit

xo j xo