Hey guys,

If you follow me on instagram (@getfitchicks) or facebook (facebook.com/getfitchicks) you would know I have undertaken a 3 day juice cleanse from Sol Cleanse.

I decided to do the cleanse mainly because I have never done one before and wanted to see what it was all about. I thought, hey, if it releases all the built up toxins in my body that I may of have accumulated from lifestyle factors then great! Why not try it! I wanted to be able to show you my experience from a non bias point of view.

I did plenty of research first though, I didn’t want to jump straight into something that may harm my body or leave me feeling ill. I read many different articles and blogs about how a cleanse helps nurture your body, gets rid of that ‘blah’ feeling, helps skin, makes you look radiant and can give your body that extra boost of life etc etc etc.


At this point I decided to contact Miriam from Sol Cleanseand ordered a Level 2 cleanse “Ready to Shine” for 3 days. Being optimistic I was ready to jump straight into it!  Miriam delivered the juices to me on freshly made on Monday afternoon, she was lovely and asked if I had any questions or concerns she could answer and let me know to contact her if I did.

This is what I was heading into:

juice cleanse

For 3 days I was to consume 6 juices. They can be in any order I like, though they recommend you start your morning with the metabolizer.  Throughout the process there were ups and downs, moments of euphoria were I felt amazing, and moments of major irritability. I documented how I felt throughout the cleaning process so I could share my experience with you all.

Before the cleanse I did some research and didn’t want my body to go into shock of just consuming 6 bottled juices a day. I made sure I got a good 8 hours sleep the night before I started so I wouldn’t feel tired the next day. Hoping my coffee cravings wouldn’t creep up on me the next day.

Day 1:

  • I woke up at 7am on the beautiful Gold Coast and drank my first metabolizer, pre conceptions made me cringe at drinking anything with cayenne pepper. BUT, as I was assured, it was actually delicious. The lemon takes over with a strong kick and the cayenne pepper is hardly tasted.
  • Afraid of feeling exhausted during the day, I didn’t want to work out during my cleanse, so I decided on a brisk morning walk along the beach.
  • I continued my juices in the order they were given to me as I wasn’t sure which one I favoured most yet.
  • Surprisingly they were all DELICIOUS! Coming into the afternoon I felt as though my energy levels started to slow down and get a little sluggish. Was it just 3:30 itis? Or was it the juices? I decided to listen to my body and have the juice next in line which was again surprisingly an amazing blend of Cashew milk, vanilla, stevia and filtered water. I really under estimated the taste of these juices!
  • After that I continued with uni work at home and felt pretty good! I was so proud I had lasted the day.
  • I nearly forgot my last juice before thinking about heading to bed and boy was I in for a surprise! They must save the BEST for last! This juice, more like a smoothie, was banana, spinach, chia seeds and filtered water.  I realised this was the go to “pick-me-up” juice if I had any bad cravings.


Day 2:

  • WooHoo! Made it to day 2! I woke feeling fine, energetic and happy. I felt like I could do this forever. On rising I had my first metabolizer again, went for a brisk walk and drove back to Brisbane ready for a busy day.
  • By day 2 I worked out when to drink my juices and to consume them every 2 hours so I could finish my last one before going to bed and not nearly forgetting like the previous night.
  • I was so surprised at how much I loved the taste of them. Things I would never consider I now LOVED!
  • Spent the day with my mum and sister wedding dress shopping for my sister’s wedding. And boy was it hard. Being around food and seeing food everywhere was difficult. I didn’t think I was hungry until I saw it all. Day 1 was fine because I was secluded and able to not think about food.
  • It got to about 230pm and I was in serious craving of food. My mum and sister went for lunch while I went home to do some work. I decided to have my banana juice/smoothie as its thicker and more filling.
  • Note to self: do not go on social media sites while doing a juice cleanse. Well if you instagram is anything like mine, mainly FOOD, then don’t do it to yourself.
  • The euphoric feeling I had in the morning was gone, I was hungry, starving, HANGRY!
  • 4pm came along and I had to take mum grocery shopping. Uh oh! I grabbed some raw almonds and decided to snack on a handful hoping it would do the trick. It did… for a little.
  • The evening was sort of the same, hungry. But I had come this far I couldn’t give in now! I consumed my juices for the day, relaxed a little and was off to bed in hope it would cure the solid food cravings.


Day 3:

  • LAST DAY! That was my thought when I woke up. Still enjoying my juices I woke up feeling rested and not hungry. As typical as it sounds my skin felt great, I felt great and ready for my last day. Had my morning juices, and counting down.
  • My third day went by quickly; I spent the majority of the day home doing assignments and work in the evening.
  • As it got later, I started to feel hungry again. Luckily I left the banana juice for later and it did the trick.



I’m not going to lie. It’s a difficult experience. You need to have some sort of willpower! You also need to know to listen to your body. A juice cleanse may not be for everyone, you need to understand that. The second day for me was by far the hardest. The company I went with, Sol Cleanse, were fantastic. The juices were excellent, tasty and filling (at most points).

Ok so here a few things I picked up from my experience;


  • I was so hydrated! Maybe that’s why my skin felt so amazing. But whenever I got hungry I made myself drink a bottle of water first before thinking about my next juice, I was drinking nearly double the water I would usually drink.
  • I found my love for green tea once again, maybe now I can substitute a coffee for tea instead! That’s progress right?
  • My sugar cravings have decreased, you will find that most bottled juices you will have are full of sugar – so sticking to these juices for the 3 days allowed me to reset my body.
  • Mentally I feel like I have reset my body and hope to continue this for coming weeks/months… hopefully for good.


  • It’s expensive. If you go with a company who pre-makes cold pressed juices for your cleanse it can eat into your budget. Maybe you have a juicer and you can try doing it yourself. Recipes are easy to find and I am more than happy to help you think up some great, delicious recipes; just shoot me through an email!
  • I wouldn’t recommend doing strenuous exercise during the cleanse. I didn’t have enough energy and managed to go for light brisk walks in the morning, but my hot yoga was out and no training at the gym etc
  • Please don’t think of this as a weight loss solution, yes you may lose some water weight but this isn’t a permanent solution.  Like mentioned above, it’s to release toxins in your body and rest yourself.

In the end my juice clean was a positive experience. I feel a 3 day cleanse is a great duration, going into a longer cleanse may cause your body to react differently.

If you want to try it, let me know how you go. You can get a discount my using the code “Sol” at the Sol Cleanse checkout.


Goodluck and I hope you enjoyed the post!

Eat Healthy, Live Happy & Get Fit

Xo j xo