This post comes as a request form many of my followers.

Over the summer break I really managed my health and fitness well, both with clean eating and staying active. This is one thing I did NOT want to compromise heading back into a busy semester at uni (somehow I thought 5 subjects and work was a great idea). Many of you that know me understand how I have to be organised or I freak out. As for my fitness, I love my current routine, I have a trainer who writes me a program and makes sure I am always on top of it. She is constantly changing up my program and keeping me challenged. I only train with her once a week but the other 4 times a week I have a guide on what to do. My food on the other hand is something I am in charge of… it’s my passion and soon to be career. So to keep me on my toes and organised I decided to put together everything I know about healthy nutritious eating into my own 5 day Meal Guide. Originally it was just for me, something to keep me in routine. I thought I could make a standard shopping list, so once a week I wouldn’t have to think what to get. While making my Sundays prep days and spend a few hours in the afternoon getting my week prepared.

There are several concepts I wanted to include in my Meal Guide:

• Make sure I’m consuming a higher ratio of Protein and good fats. DON’T BE AFRAID OF GOOD FATS

• Have on-the-go options for my busy days

• Clean eating

• No “diets”

• Exciting, delicious, healthy food (Im not the person to eat chicken and vegetables 7 days a week)

• Keep my coffe.. I used to be a Mocha drinker.. now I love my long black with a touch of skim milk.

I am currently in my 3rd year studying Nutrition and don’t yet have qualifications, but I do know what works for me and what I like.

So here is the guide I use; I’ve tried to attach as many hints and tips as possible.

Click each day to have a view the image (I wasn’t sure how to display it for you, I’m not the best with computers, sorry!)


• I try drink between 2-3L of water every day

• I drink as much green tea when I want

• I weigh my food to stay on track

• Every Sunday afternoon is my prep time.

o In prep I try to organise EVERYTHING, this includes boiling and peeling eggs, cutting up my stir-fry vegetables and storing them in a snap lock bag, making my San Choy Bow filling, grating carrots and any other fillings for my wraps.

• I also make some treats for the week, I haven’t included this in my Meal Guide, but I make some eggy treats to store in the fridge for the days I may get extra hungry.

• I’m a lover of gelati and sorbet, so I have created something similar to the Acai Bowl which is the same consistency made from the Amazonia Acai Berry Smoothie packs, frozen berries, H2COCO and a touch of honey. I will post the recipe soon.

I hope my Meal Guide helps you, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email on at

Eat Healthy, Live Happy & Get Fit

Xo j xo