The festive season is well over, we are all getting back into the game with work, school and uni. We all have those mornings where its nearly 8am, you’re running late for work/uni and still haven’t managed to fit in breakfast.. maybe you slept in, you forgot to iron your clothes the night before.. or your cat got sick and you had to clean it up (haha). All of a sudden your plans to eat a healthy nutritious breakfast slip away and all you can think about is dropping past Star Bucks grabbing a double shot mocha and maybe a ham & cheese croissant, say goodbye to new years resolutions and hello to a muffin top. KIDDING! I have found the perfect solution for the on-the-go breakfast dilemma… and they even comes in a cute mason jar.

Overnight Oats


I like to call it my summer porridge, skip the instant oats and prepare some overnight oats up to 3 nights early. Easy to grab on the go in the morning and eat on your way to work/uni. They can be warmed up, or eaten cold and the flavours are endless. Some of my favourite are Apple & Cinnamon, Banana & Peanut butter, Mocha, and Berry-licious, see my recipes here.

Parfait Perfection


I love breakfast parfaits, they are so simple to prepare and very filling, but store bought ones are filled with unnecessary sugars, calories and preservatives.  Try saving some money and calories by making your own. Grab some mason jars and start with some plain greek yoghurt, cut up your favourite fruits and layer with granola and nuts. Voila! Breakfast for a week can be complete in less than 15 minutes.

Hopefully these little tips help you beat the busy morning dilemma!

Eat healthy, Live Happy & Get Fit

xo j xo