Cycling for Fun & Fitness 

Cycling has always been one of mine and Jacquis favourite activities as a child. I remember spending hours most evenings cycling around the block in Kuwait on my purple cycle that my dad gifted me when I was 6. Last week Jacqui and I were reminiscing our childhood days and how we used to do things we loved and enjoyed and got talking/thinking about the last time we did something active that we thoroughly enjoyed ( Not gyming). We realised it had been ages, due to the obvious fact we both lead an extremely busy lifestyle and find it hard to organise FUN activities and end up Going to the Gym instead !! We both got a bit hyper and excited and said that’s it we are going bike riding as soon as Ramadan is over.  So last Thursday we Made it Happen !!

Since we both don’t own bikes, we looked into hiring bikes for the day. We had a look at a few options

One was the Garden cycle Hire where you can pick up /drop off your bikes from their Bicycle Van in the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens. Bicycle Hire Rates for this place is
Adults: 1 hour – $15,  2 hours – $20, 3 hours – $25, 4 hours – $30, 5 hrs./all day – $35, 24 hrs – $40, 2 days – $55, 1 week – $90, extra weeks – $55 , Free Helmets

Second was the Riverlife where you can hire a bike for $15 per person (1.5 hours); $30 per person (up to 4 hours) or $50 per person (full day)

Last one was CityCycle bike hire, which we found was the best option. It operates between 5 am and 10pm, so it’s great for early birds. Basically all you need to do it subscribe online and choose the length of subscription best suited for you. We got the daily one for $2.00 and as long as you dock your bike at any citycycle station every 30 minutes (Citycycle stations are located every 300 – 500 metres) , it’s basically free for the whole day. For more details visit :

The Map below shows the route we took. We hired the bikes at Besant st, West end and rode towards southbank ( Stanley st)  , crossed the bridge and docked our bikes at the Citycycle station at the end of the bridge. We then continued our journey and headed toward Brunswick st, Fortitude Valley via Riverside.


Even though we planned this trip pretty well in terms of where to pick the bikes up from and what route to take, we ended up forgetting a few smalls things so here are a few tips to Remember if you plan on going bike riding

  1. Do not dress warm.  Mornings can be a little chilly so we dressed pretty warm, within the first 15 minutes we were too hot and had to change when we got to restaurant. Its best to just carry a light cardigan / jumper
  2. Carry a bottle of water. We forgot ours and we soooo thirsty by the time we got to the restaurant.
  3. Wear a Hat & Apply sunscreen before you leave.
  4. Wear comfortable & closed shoes ( e.g. trainers)
  5. Dont forget to carry your helmet
  6. Enjoy your self 🙂  We surely dint forget to do that  !


We couldn’t help our selves and went bike shopping. How pretty are these bikes ? They will be ours in few weeks <3