Somehow every holiday has become synonymous with chocolate, sugary treats. Easter is one of the worst offenders, with sugary marshmallow treats like Cadbury eggs starring the kids in the eye when we head down the grocery aisle. I’m trying to be healthier and encouraging my family to do the same, so I have been collecting some ideas that will work for their Easter basket that they will enjoy and won’t make them feel like they are missing out by not getting bucket loads of candy.


I decided that we’ll start off with some crafts to get the kids into the Easter mood. I brought the children to the local craft store to choose plain baskets as well as some paints in various spring colours. When we got home I spread out a bunch of old newspaper and let the kids go to town on painting their own baskets. It’s amazing how creative they are and how excited they get to tell you about their designs! I definitely recommend doing this activity at least a week ahead of time. The paint can take quite a while to dry, especially when it gets layered between the weaves of the basket.

Each of my kids will get either a mug or a treat jar in their basket from Personal Creations. There is something special about the way they include their names, and I’ll use those for the sugary treats they do get, like banana chips or chocolate covered peanuts. That way, instead of having a basket filled with candy I will have created portions. I’ll also fill them with healthier things like assorted nuts, raisins, and make some larger ones for popcorn.

Another idea that I think will be worth the splurge for the Easter holiday comes from an online recipe I found for chocolate covered strawberries, but with a bit of a twist. Instead of using dark chocolate, you use orange coloured melted chocolate. They totally resemble carrots and I think it will be a fun way to make something sweet, but home-made.

I plan on adding assorted fruits to their baskets as well as packets of dinosaur oatmeal (a household favourite that we rarely purchase), assorted granola and cereal bars, and finally, some small toys that the kids will enjoy. The final addition to each basket will be a jump rope and a bicycle lock.


Once the baskets are finished and the kids have had a chance to have a small Easter egg hunt – we fill the eggs with coins – we’ll have dinner. I’m really excited about our side

dish; sweet potato bunnies! You simply slice a few sweet potatoes into one inch slices and bake them until soft. You then use a cookie cutter to make bunnies and bake a bit longer until they are cooked through. I can’t wait to serve this simple, healthy side dish alongside our meal to keep the festive atmosphere going.

How are you keeping Easter healthy and fun?

Guest post by: Emma Banks,  New York.

Guest post by:
Emma Banks,
New York.