Seeing as though we are both travelling at the moment we thought it would be good to share some tips on sticking to a healthy lifestyle while exploring the world. Many of us use our holidays as an excuse to splurge and break all the healthy eating habits which we might follow to at home. While it can be fun to have the occasional treat when on holidays, eating badly during your trip can mean that you return home feeling sluggish and bloated, rather than refreshed and relaxed. Here are a few tips for how to eat healthily throughout your trip.

If you really engage in a healthy lifestyle, then you’ll want to get into long-term healthy eating habits in order to really feel the benefits. After all, eating healthily can impact everything from your weight to the cost of your life insurance, but only if you’re in it for the long haul. A few simple changes can make a big difference, but going on a strict diet for just a week or two can mean that you are even more tempted to indulge once you’re on holidays.

Try not to see sugary and fatty foods, or foods made or complex carbohydrates, as a ‘treat’. When away, you may find all sorts of delicious local dishes to try, many of which can be relatively healthy and nutritious. Why not ‘treat’ yourself to a fresh fish dish if you are staying close to the sea? Or ‘indulge’ in a trip to the local farmers’ market if you are visiting a small agricultural village. By all means splash out on a trip to an expensive restaurant, but take a careful look at the menu to ensure that you are ordering something in-keeping with your healthy eating routine.

This way, you can still enjoy eating new and delicious foods whilst on holidays, without feeling like you’ve over-indulged

We hope these little tips help on your next trip.

Delicious seafood from our Europe 2011 trip



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