Morning Fit Chicks, 


Yesterday we had Sana’s Graduation Tea Party! Such an amazing day. We have had so many requests regarding the decorations so I thought I would add a little DIY to our page! If you have any questions regarding other decorations or particular things from the tea party don’t hesitate to ask!

We first saw the poms on Pinterest and were completely amazed at how something so simple can transform the space you are decorating. After a little Google research we discovered they originated from Martha Stewart Weddings.  In my search for the perfect center pieces I also created flowers for the table out of the poms.

Here is a tutorial for the baby poms on a branch. But if you wish to make large ones for hanging decorations all you need to do is keep the original tissue paper size and do the same steps! Goodluck!

These are the baby poms we super glued to a branch. What do you think?

Here you can see the large poms and and baby ones. We mixed the poms with white lanterns we had left over from our last oriental themed party! Grab them from your local $2 shop!


What you will need…

  • scissors
  • your desired colour tissue paper (mine was 50cm x75cm, but I then cut it to size)
  • stapler

What to do…

Lay out 10 sheets of 50cm x 75cm tissue paper. Cut the desired size. For my baby ones I used 15cm x 30cm.

Fold the tissue accordion style, for the baby poms I fold them about 1-2cm thick. For the large hanging poms make it about 4cm thick.

Once folded it should look like this.

Once folded in accordion style place a staple in the center of the strip. This will hold it together while you fan it out.


Take one end of the folded tissue and cut diagonally across the tip.

Then do the same to the opposite side.

It should look like this. Don’t worry too much about being too neat. You can’t tell once they are opened up.

This is what you should have so far.

Now fan out each end of the pom.

This is the very delicate part. Here you want to separate the layers of tissue from each other bringing them towards the middle (staple). Do this carefully as the tissue may rip.

Once you get the hang of it you will have them done in no time.

Mika watching in suspense..

Once complete grab a branch from your yard and super glue the end of the branch into the middle of the pom. Once left to dry and completely stuck you can play around with the poms and “fluff” them do they look pretty.

Here are some pictures from all the difference sized ones I did for Sana’s Tea Party..



Goodluck with your pom making 🙂 xo s & j xo