Discovering the world of tea during winter is my favourite, and with my new discovery of NBT – Natural BeauTEA I have decided to do some research on the prefect brew.

We boast about tea and its super-healing properties. But making it right …isn’t as easy as we think; in fact, we regularly commit crimes against our cups that blunt the benefits of tea.

Quick Tips

•Home-brewed tea has more antioxidants than bottled convenience tea

•Tea is packed with antioxidants but a simple splash of milk addition can ruin the benefits, studies find. Dietary proteins, such as those found in milk, reduce the availability of antioxidants in tea.

•Forget the sugar – it’s all about Spice. Stir with a cinnamon stick, which may help control blood sugar and lower cholesterol.

•Increase the strength by adding more tea NOT longer brewing time


1.Fill the kettle with fresh cold water & bring to boil. Never re-boil water for tea as it contains little oxygen, reducing the flavour of your tea.

2.Pour a little hot water into your teapot and swirl to warm up the pot. This keeps the tea at optimum temperature for the tea. Empty the pot.

3.Add your tea leaves – Rule of thumb: one teaspoon per person and one for the pot! Pour the boiling water onto the tea.

4.Allow to brew for 3-5 minutes. Stir and serve.


Check out the delicious Natural BeauTEA selection here and stay tuned for an insight into the two beauTEAful girls behind NBT.

Eat Healthy, Live Happy & Get Fit
xo j xo