Hello Guys, Sana Here

Firstly WE just want to apologize for not posting last few days. We have been pretty busy BUT that hasn’t affected our Clean Eating plan 🙂 . How have you guys been going and how was everyone’s weekend?

Jacqui and I spent the weekend at the Gold coast where we were attending an Award ceremony for SPAR on behalf of her sister and Uncle. Their business was were nominated for two awards. We left Brisbane early morning around 8am . Jacqui made us breakfast : Vegetarian frittata  before we left.

We got put up at the gorgeous Jupiter’s hotel. We checked in and left our bags at the hotel and walked to Bike central GC to hire bikes to ride for that afternoon. On our way there we stopped at a park and had morning tea which was two rice crackers with avocado, Tuna and cottage cheese. Our tummy was pretty satisfied and we were all pumped for the afternoon bike ride. Unfortunately when we got there we got told that all the bikes were hired for the whole weekend. We were super bummed

Our day was ruined but since Pacific fair was on our way to the hotel we stopped by for shopping and strolled around for a bit, had lunch ( Grilled Fish with 2 prawns)then headed back to the hotel. We had a quick shower and Got into bed and watched 5 Year Engagement while sipping on our favourite green tea Madura. The movie was amazing and finished just in time for us to get ready for the gala dinner. The food was amazing, Jacqui got served salmon and I got served a sautéed capsicum and green beans, topped with grilled haloumi cheese and baked potato. We went back to the Apartment after the ceremony was over, packed our bags and got into  bed and watched another movie  ‘What to expect when expecting’. It was a pretty chilled day over all.

This (Sunday) morning was Fathers day, so we had breakfast with jacquis dad (who was also my dad for today since my parents live in Kuwait) at the QT hotel (GC). If you guys haven’t been there before it’s a must that you go have breakfast there at least once. The décor is pretty trendy and the food is amazing. You can find plenty of healthy options too. Beware there is a lot of temptations as well

Anyways Just letting you all know our meals this week is the same as last week so we will only be posting once a week and update you on how we went 🙂

Previous days meals are below 

Day 4 Thursday

M1 – Vegetarian frittata (same as jacqui)

M2 : was a banana

M3 : was Vita – Weat Lunch Slices (Soy, Linseed & Seasame). I had 2 slices which is one serving size with One can of Tuna (95g Tom & Basil) + plenty of water

M4: I had the a slice of Vita – weat lunch with cottage cheese on top of it ( I would have loved it if i had cucumber and tomato as topping)  +  a cup of skinny latte & two spirulina supplement tablets

M5: One orange & 8 Almonds

M6: grilled Lean red meat (65g)  + salad + corn

Day5 Friday

M1: ½ Cup porridge with ½ cup milk, 1 teaspoon wheat germ with honey and 1 cup strawberries

M2: 2 Crackers with Cottage cheese & 1 Banana

M3: Lean Lamb burger with salad + Soy & Linseed Roll

M4: 8 Almonds & ½ cup Yoghurt

M5: We were volunteering for a charity organisation. I ate salad and a small gilled piece of fish out of the buffet

Fitness : I did a 30 min Toneitup workout and did 5 bursts of short sprints outdoors.


Day 4: Thursday.

Thursday was a bit of a messy day. I woke up early because I knew I had lots of errands to run! I had an appointment at 10am with my brother for the Travel Doctor to get our vaccinations before our trip. It took much longer than we thought, and didn’t get out till 1145am. After running around and spending my afternoon studying and cleaning the house I had dinner with one of my good friends Chontel, we don’t believe clean eating should limit your social life.. you just have to make clean choices.

So here is how my day went:

Thursday M1: FRITTATA! It was delicious and so so simple. 2x eggs, mushrooms, capsicum and red onion.

Thursday M2: Turkey, cranberry and salad wrap.

Thursday M3: CADA

Thursday M4: 200g No fat Vanilla yoghurt and 100g strawberries

Thursday M5: For dinner I ordered grilled fish with salad, it came with fries but I asked them to nto include them… Then there is NO temptation. It was also served with a creamy sauce on the side which I didn’t have.

Fitness: I woke up a little earlier to go for a quick 30min power-walk with my 2kg weights

Day 5: Friday

Friday started off horribly. Not because of my eating, but I became horrible sick after my injections. The doctor warned us, though I never believe it will happen to me. I didn’t make it to work until a little later than usual, and my stomach was very unsettled from the nausea. But it ended off to be a great day, Sana and I helped out at a charity function my family support.


Friday M1: Fruit Smoothie; 1x banana, 100g Strawberries, 1x tsp wheat germ, ½ cup milk. All whizzed up in our Thermomix. I used frozen banana, its easier for me to buy them at he start of the week when we do our big shop and just freeze them so it lasts me till Friday.   

Friday M2: Apple and nuts, I had to force myself to eat this, once I went into work mid-morning I just wanted to go home and rest, my body wasn’t functioning properly.

Friday M3: I fell asleep once I came home after work and luckily I have the best room mate (Sana) who woke me up with lunch. She made me an amazing sandwich on a multigrain bun, lean Lamb and salad.

Friday M4: Chicken Stir-fry. 100g chicken and 200g mixed vegetables (snow peas, carrots, mushrooms, cabbage)

Friday M5: Salad and Fresh prawns. Dinner was at the charity event we volunteered at. It was a seafood buffet. I chose some healthier options out of the buffet.

xo S & J