We thought we would blog our way through our week-by-week

Clean Eating Plan!

Hope you enjoy xo…



Morning Fit Chicks (and our Fit Guys),

Its Jacqui here! This week Sana and I started our Clean Eating Plans! I spent my Sunday afternoon writing up a meal plan for myself. This included every single meal (5 Meals a day) that I would consume. I worked this meal plan around my work/ uni schedule. So I made sure on the day Im up at 5am and at work by 545am I have meals which can be transported to work with little to no cooking, such meals like museli, whole meal toast (I have a toaster at work), yoghurt parfaits and smoothies (which I can prepare before work). After work around 11am I travel straight to uni from work, so my meals for lunch and afternoon tea must already be with me. Then home from uni anywhere between 6pm-8pm, quickly pop dinner in the steamer/thermomix /stove, do a super quick 20-30min workout in my room, shower, eat dinner, organise my next day and off to bed! Hopefully by 930-10pm.

On Sunday I pre-packed all the dry foods for the whole week, I also cut up vegetable like pumpkin, onions, capsicum, broccoli, zucchini and grated carrots etc. I also steamed my pumpkin and chicken for Mondays “Lunch” and marinated Mondays “Dinner”.





Everything was put into serving sizes. I had every meal for the week sorted even dinners, so my vegetables were cut into bags of 200grams, my muesli was portioned into plastic containers and all my salads made (just had to add dressing and ingredient such as pumpkin/onion/chicken).

Its Wednesday today so I’ve missed updated you all on the first two day…

Monday M1; When choosing a Muesli try buy one thats Low GI – to sustain you throughout your morning. Your choice of milks is upto your preference, we recommend skim or almond milk.







Monday M2; We mention out snack packs all the time! So im sure you are all aware about them. Mix up some of your favourtie RAW nuts, we use Alomonds, cashews, Macadamia and even throw in some seeds.







Monday M3; I am by far not your average salad lover! But I loved this one! So easy to prep and carry with you all day. Like I mentioned above; the day before I steamed the chicken and pumpkin. Packed it in a small Chinese plastic container, then i pre-made the salad (spinach, carrot, capsicum + walnuts) the day before as well and put half a lemon in a snap lock bag to dress when I was ready to eat. When the clock striked 12noon at uni on Monday I went and found a sunny spot, mixed together my salad and enjoyed my lunch!








Monday M4; Simple and delicious! I pick up these fruit salads from my local Spar Supermarket at East Brisbane, they are delicious and convenient. You can easily make your own! Add a squeeze of lemon to keep your fruit.









Monday M5; Something simple. I get home from uni at about 730pm on Mondays. So I wanted something in my meal plan that was simple- no fuss. Something I could have portioned out the night before.

So I got home; Put the pre-marinated chicken in one level of my thermomix steamer, the vegetables in the top level- turned it on for 25min and went to my room to do a 30min workout! And that was day 1!








Tueasday M1; Yummmm I love organic peanut butter! Really its just peanuts crushed. No additives. No oils. I used 1tbsp of the organic peanut butter and spread it on 2 pieces of wholemeal toast! yummy!  Oh and my green tea! I love green tea!









Tuesday M2; Easy to carry around and make either at work or uni! Rice thinns, with avocado, cottage cheese and tuna. I pre portioned out the cottage cheese and avocado on Sunday afternoon. (add lemon to the mashed avocado to stop it from browning)








Tuesday M3; Once again I pre cut and portioned everything on Sunday, Individually packed in snaplock bags to I could make a fresh wrap at uni!










Tuesday M4; 25g roasted chickpeas and an apple. Nothing to it. 🙂











Tuesday M5; I get home  a little earlier on Tuesday! All vegetables and chest nuts were already cut up and in portioned packs from Sunday- so all i had to do was throw it all in a wok and cook! Check out the recipe here.










So that was my first two days, Ill upload today’s meals tonight when I get home from uni!