Yay its HUMP DAY!  Which means 2 more days till  Sana and I set off to the Gold Coast for the weekend! We hope the weather is nice and sunny so we can do some fun activities in the sun!

Todays eating plan for me was great! Up at 500am as usual had everything packed and ready to go!


Today I felt like I had a great amount of energy. Usually by Wednesday’s work and uni is taking its toll on me and I crash half way through the day. I also got home from uni a little earlier so decided to fit in some exercise before the sun went down.. I jogged to the park near our house (about 15min away). At the park I did a circuit of lunges, dips, squats and push ups 3 times. Then jogged home.


Wednesday M1: Yoghurt Parfait. I has the muesli and yoghurt already portioned into plastic containers so I could eat breakfast at work, I also has my strawberries already cut. So easy 🙂









Wednesday M2; My egg wrap was DELICIOUS! I boiled the eggs on Sunday during my prep time and mashed them. I carried my salad ingredients in a snap lock bag and made my wrap fresh at work!







Wednesday M3; No need to explain this one if you read our earlier post. But this is our San Choy Bow, it was last nights dinner. No waste 🙂








Wednesday M4; Fruit Salad. I didn’t take a picture today as I uploaded a picture of the same fruit salad in our original  Clean Eating Plan post!

Wednesday M5: Avgolemono, My Yiayia’s (Grandma)  speciality!











Sanas week 1 day 3 

So I fell sick yesterday, I am guessing its got something to do with me starting my athletic training again … Body is pretty sore & hot and cold  + had a temperature as well. Usually if i fall sick I would immediately reach of for comfort food or naughty food. But having an actual plan on paper and being prepared honestly helped me refrain from eating unhealthy foods.

so this was my day…

M1 = scrambled eggs ( 2) on wholegrain toast (1) with 1/2 avocado (mixed with lemon and pepper) + topped with a handful of grilled mushrooms

M2 = Grapes

M3= Left overs from yesterdays Lunch – which was a healthy stir fry

M4 = Nuts & seed mix ( handful)

M5= Jacqui made me her yiayias special ……. Soup because I am sick 🙂

M6= Banana

and of course plenty of water I had about 0.8 L today

Exercise log : I went to the gym instead of training outdoors because  I was feeling a bit cold from the sickness. I cycled 7km in 30 minutes. I dint

push myself but still managed to get some form of exercise. Something is better than nothing right 🙂



Hope you enjoyed your Hump Day xo s&j xo