For many of us the year is well in actions with holidays over and univeristy/work back in full swing. This year I am determined to keep up my fitness, clean eating and somehow I have managed to convinve myself 5 subjects at uni is a great idea (I know im crazy), not to mention working and blogging inbetween it all. My biggest challenge when busy and keeping up with my cleaning is breakfast… mainly because I know I can go without, have a coffee and Im fine. NO! Its the worst possible thing for me. We all know that when we wake up we need to kick start our metabolism with a nutritious breakfast. So how can I manage waking up early, heading to gym by 630am, then uni.. and work a shift till 10pm .. I refuse to sacrafice my sleep and wake up earlier (selfish I know).

In my dilemma and panic I decided I would try smoothies.. I had left over glass (1.5L) vingear jars which had lids. I popped them through a wash in the dishwasher to get the vinegar smell our and remove the labels. I thought this would be easy to pre-make my smoothie and store in, ready to grab on my way out in the morning and consume in the car from gym to uni.

a2a70ef875b411e2b47222000a1f9e47_7Next I collect all the ingredients that I wanted to include in my smoothie. I didnt want to use any dairy in my smoothie, so I needed a liquid to help get the right consiency.. this is where I found my H2COCO.

There is so much going on about coconut water at the moment, personally I am not a fan of the plain flavoured ones on their own – BUT they are great for my smoothies. The H2COCO Acai and pomegranate + Pineapple flavours are TO DIE FOR!


H2COCO coconut water is abundant in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, Coconut Water makes a great energy drink. You will find it has less sugar and sodium content compared to most sports drinks, but PACKED with Potassium, Calcium, and Chloride, which makes it a better choice to rehydrate, replenish and boost the body’s energy levels after you workout.

Every 100ml of Coconut Water there is approximately 294mg of potassium compared to 117mg in an average energy drink, 25mg of sodium compared to 200mg in energy drinks and 41mg in most sport drinks, 5mg sugar compared to 20-25mg, and 118mg of chloride compare to 39mg in average energy and sport drinks.

Rich in Potassium and other minerals, Coconut Water helps to regulate our internal fluids and replenish and rehydrate the body. It has been used to treat dehydration caused by dysentery, cholera, diarrhea and stomach flu, and the electrolyte balance and plasma in Coconut Water has been found to be similar to that of human blood. Therefore, drinking one cup of Coconut Water twice daily during digestive tract abnormalities, hot temperatures, and after strenuous workouts can help rehydrate the body quickly.

My staple add-ins to my smoothies include

  • Spinach
  • H2COCO
  • Mixed frizen berries
  • Frozen bananas
  • Chia seed
  • Breakfast boost powder (I bought mine from coles)
  • Honey
  • Acai Berry Smoothie pack
  • Lemon
  • Grapefruit
  • Lime


Simply blend up your chosen ingredients to the consitency you prefer. I keep forgetting to record exactly how much of everything I add. Keep your eye out in recipes for some delicious smoothies 🙂

Keep your eyes peeled for a compititon coming soon on my Instagram @getfitchicks and Facebook Get Fit Chicks with the help of H2COCO! Check out their full range of products here.

Eat Healthy, Live Happy & Get Fit

xo j xo






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