10 simple tips to GET FIT CHICKS when shopping for groceries

  1. Prepare a shopping list in advance and stick to it, this way you will avoid impulse buys. Even better would be to plan your meals and snacks in advance so you know what you need to purchase
  2. Make sure you avoid shopping when hungry
  3. Make healthier food choices by reading the ingredient list and nutrition information panel on the food label …. Our upcoming post will teach you how to read labels ….stay tuned!!
  4. Buy variety of fruits and vegetables ; fresh/ frozen is preferable, canned  have the least amount of nutrients compared to the other two due to processing
  5. Do buy canned or dried legumes or lentils ( kidney beans, cannellini beans, red lentils ) ; they are great to add texture to your meals. They are low in fat and are excellent source of protein
  6.  Opt for fat – free or low – fat milk /yoghurt, low- fat cheese /cottage cheese
  7. Buy lean cuts of meat, chicken breast
  8. Opt for wholegrain or wholemeal bread and cereals … this way you get more fibre into your diet… more fibre = stomachs fuller for longer
  9.   If available always buy the product with the least salt , fat or sugar content. E.g. reduced salt , sugar free, fat free or reduce fat . when in doubt look out for the heart foundation tick  on the product. These products have lower saturated fat, salt, and energy + they contain the good stuff  à fibre, calcium, wholegrains and vegetables. For more details on  the list of products containing the tick , http://www.heartfoundation.org.au/SiteCollectionDocuments/Tick_Shopping_List.pdf
  10.   Skip the confectionary aisle

                          Remember !!!!  What you shop is what you eat

What is in your shopping basket ?