So it seems like everyone is jet setting off while im still in the middle of exams. Sana left last night to visit home (Kuwait) for 3 weeks…therefore the next 3weeks its just Mika, myself and our new toy the Thermomix (don’t worry if you’re not too sure what this is, it will be in an upcoming post).


Seeing all these posts about friends and family setting off to Europe and other destinations makes me reminisce back to this time last year where Sana, Myself and two of our other friends set off for a once-in-a-lifetime Europe trip. It was the best thing I have ever done. We made so many memories and so many laughs, I wouldn’t change a thing.




But… while considering my trip and lookingthrough old photos the memories of airports, long flights and ferry trips came back. Many of us find flying uncomfortable as it is.. so I thought I would put together some tips and hints for your next international or domestic flight.


  1. Eat light before arriving at the airport. You’ll need energy when dealing with long check-in lines and security and will want to avoid the airport’s fast food options. Cereal, yogurt, milk and bread are good food options.
  2. Load up on fruits and veggies. These types of foods help travellers avoid dehydration.
  3. Bring light snacks in your carry-on, like granola or cereal bars. These healthy snacks are easy to carry and are perfect in a hunger pinch.
  4. Don’t over eat or gorge on rich foods before your flight. A bloated tummy in a pressurized airplane cabin isn’t something you want to deal with on vacation.
  5. Drink plenty of water or fruit juice before and during your flight. These liquids will keep you hydrated in transit.
  6. Don’t drink alcohol, too much caffeine or carbonated drinks during your flight. These liquids dehydrate travellers and soda may cause gas or discomfort when combined with air cabin pressure.
  7. Avoid high sodium foods and meals the day of the flight. Sodium causes people to retain fluid, and gravity and protracted sitting will cause fluid to “pool” around the feet and ankles. It will cause the internal tissues to swell and stretch the skin.
  8. Sleep. Get a good nights rest the night before you fly. If your body is not used to it flying will make you extremely tired. Add the stress you’ll probably be feeling and you have a recipe for exhaustion.
  9. Stretch. Not by performing yoga in the galley. Your flight attendants won’t appreciate that but, do take a walk at least every hour of flight to get your circulation going and prevent thrombosis.
  10. Take anti-bacterial wipes and lotion. It’s good to have both in your carry on for the times that you can’t make it to the bathroom to wash your hands. It’s also a good idea to wipe your tray table and arm rests with the wipes. Cleaners are only given minutes to clean the airplane in between flights so tray tables only get cleaned once a day on average.

Hope this helps you have a happy and healthier flight next time you travel. Wishing everyone travelling a safe flight (I will admit I’m a little bit jealous).

Xo J xo