Cracked Easter Deviled Eggs

By | March 31st, 2013|Breakfast, Everything!, Snacks|

Its Easter time and we all know what that means! Lots and lots of chocolate! But this year it's time to change - traditionally the Orthodox tradition is to hard boil eggs and colour them, with these we play a game - where we see who's egg is the strongest by trying to crack each [...]

Eggy Treats

By | February 21st, 2013|Breakfast, Dinner, Everything!, Lunch, Snacks|

Many of you know I love my zucchini slice, but this one is a quicker and faster version. Yesterday I was in a rush to get to work and knew I needed to pack some snacks to take with me. I had a quick look in my fridge and saw 2 zucchi, 1 carrot, 3 [...]

Acai, Mixed berry & Spinach Breakfast on the go

By | February 13th, 2013|Breakfast, Dessert, Everything!, Facebook, Get Fit Chicks, Recipes, Snacks|

To fit in with my latest obsession with the powerful Acai Berry I whipped up a smoothie for tomorrow mornings breakfast as I know ill be on the go. Some Fun Fact of the Acai Berry: Helps keep skin looking younger longer. Everyone wants younger looking skin. Women, more frequently than men, hate ageing. Acai [...]

Goodmorning Granola

By | February 12th, 2013|Breakfast, Everything!, Recipes, Snacks|

Late last week I went on a mission to find Acai Smoothie packs to make my own Acai Berry bowls, and lucky enough I found them! This morning I made my first bowl and added some of my Brookefarm Macadamia muesli, it was delicious, though It was my last scoop. I went into a little [...]

Morning breakfast dilemma? I have a solution.

By | January 18th, 2013|Breakfast, Everything!|

The festive season is well over, we are all getting back into the game with work, school and uni. We all have those mornings where its nearly 8am, you're running late for work/uni and still haven't managed to fit in breakfast.. maybe you slept in, you forgot to iron your clothes the night before.. or [...]

Oats In A Jar

By | January 18th, 2013|Breakfast, Everything!|

Be invetive with your breakfast, these recipes can be modified and changed according to your taste and what you like.. What you will need.. (Basic ingredients) 1cup mason jar 1/4 cup uncooked old fashioned oats 1/3 cup skim milk 1/4 cut low-fat greek yogurt 1 teaspoon dried chia seeds 1 tablespoon honey (optional for sweetness) [...]

Day 9: My 10 Days till Christmas

By | December 22nd, 2012|Breakfast, Snacks, Sweet Treats|

Santa's Healthy Cookies! Still at the age of 20-something.. I bake cookies around Christmas time so I have something to leave out for Santa (yes, I admit it, I'm a big child). This year I decided to play around with banana and organic peanut butter to create some delicious oatmeal flavoured cookies seeing as though [...]

My Messy Breakfast Combo <3

By | December 10th, 2012|Breakfast, Recipes|

This morning I got creative and decided to wilt some spinach and top it off with some great fresh ingredients; grilled mushrooms, onion, chicken & herb sausages and a soft boiled egg! Ohh I forgot to mention the light sprinkle of crumbed feta.. delicious     Eat Healthy, Live Happy, Get Fit xo j xo

Great Granola in Mason Jar

By | September 19th, 2012|Breakfast, Everything!, Recipes|

Great Granola in Mason Jar You will need a small Mason Jar Ingredients ½ cup Granola 1 table spoon Low fat Natural yoghurt or No Fat Vanilla Yoghurt ¼ cup pomegranate 1 medium sized banana (chopped) Method  Add yoghurt to your Jar Then add ¼ cup Granola Then add your chopped banana Add some pomegranate [...]

Banana Oat Pancakes

By | September 16th, 2012|Breakfast, Facebook, Recipes|

Banana Oat Pancakes   Thursday morning I woke up and felt like something delicious and healthy! So my mind lead me to create a delicious healthy pancake with what we had at home.     You will need... 1x Very ripe Banana 1x Cup oat flour (we don't have oat flour, so i just blended up normal [...]


By | September 2nd, 2012|Breakfast, Recipes, Snacks|

CADA; Coconut, Apple, Dates, Almonds  CADA is a muesli-like breakfast or snack combo of minced Coconut, Apple,Date, and Almond. This is a FAST and SIMPLE recipe that makes for a DELICIOUSLY SATISFYING and ENERGIZING breakfast food.  The refreshing flavour of fresh fruit wakes up our taste buds, while natural sugars and protein combine to prepare body and mind [...]

Clean Eating Plan UPDATE: DAY 3

By | August 29th, 2012|Breakfast, diets, Dinner, Everything!, Facebook, Get Fit Chicks, Lunch, Snacks|

DAY 3   Yay its HUMP DAY!  Which means 2 more days till  Sana and I set off to the Gold Coast for the weekend! We hope the weather is nice and sunny so we can do some fun activities in the sun! Todays eating plan for me was great! Up at 500am as usual [...]

Fresh Fruit Smoothie

By | July 23rd, 2012|Breakfast, Facebook, Get Fit Chicks, Recipes, Snacks|

Fresh Fruit Smoothie Ingredients 1 cup fruit ( you can include banana, chopped strawberries , cups of frozen fruits such as raspberries) 4 teaspoon wheatgerm 1tbspn honey 1 cup low fat yoghurt of your choice (Vanilla is usually a good choice) 1 cup low fat / skim milk , alternatively you can also use almond [...]

Staying healthy on the go

By | June 28th, 2012|Breakfast, Everything!, Get Fit Chicks, Snacks|

We are all guilty of using the excuse `im too busy` or ` I just dont have tine`.. But to be honest there is no reason for an excuse. The secret to staying healthy on the go is organisation. We both study full time, live out of home and work long hours, so we make [...]

Early Morning Starts

By | June 3rd, 2012|Breakfast, Snacks|

Morning Fit Chicks, It`s Jacqui here! Mondays are my biggest day. Starting at 4.30am and ending somewhere around 6.30pm. Keep yourself sustained throughout the day with a nutritious breakfast. Im having some low G.I honey almond oats topped with fruit! Try swap your morning coffee for a green tea today! Trust me you will notice [...]