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Salad in Cute Mason Jars

By | September 18th, 2012|Everything!|

Salad in Cute Mason Jars You will need one medium Sized Mason jar Ingredients for Salad 1 medium cucumber ½  yellow bell pepper /capsicum 6 Cherry tomatoes ½  small purple cabbage (chopped) ½ cup cooked Mung beans ½ small lettuce chopped Ingredients for home – made dressing 1 ½ tablespoon olive oil 1 teaspoon lemon juice black [...]

Banana Oat Pancakes

By | September 16th, 2012|Breakfast, Facebook, Recipes|

Banana Oat Pancakes   Thursday morning I woke up and felt like something delicious and healthy! So my mind lead me to create a delicious healthy pancake with what we had at home.     You will need... 1x Very ripe Banana 1x Cup oat flour (we don't have oat flour, so i just blended up normal [...]

Cacao Brownies

By | September 9th, 2012|Dessert, Everything!, Recipes|

Cacao Brownie     Ingredients Brownie: 2 cups walnuts 1 cup cacao powder 1 teaspoon cinnamon pinch salt 2 cups dates 1/2 cup dried figs 1 teaspoon vanilla (optional) Ganache: 1/2 cup Cacao 1/2 cup agave nectar (you can use honey or natural maple syrup) 1/4 cup Cacao butter 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon   Method: Brownie- [...]

Afghan Inspired Pasta

By | September 9th, 2012|Get Fit Chicks, Lunch, Recipes|

Afghan inspired pasta with Lean Minced Meat + Four Bean Mix & Plenty of mouth-watering Spices  Ingredients Olive oil spray 2 teaspoon garlic paste 1 medium onion diced 2 small tomatoes 420g canned four bean mix drained, rinsed well to get rid of excess salt 150 g lean lamb / beef minced 1 table spoon cumin 1 [...]

Forget chocolate …… Cacao’s here

By | September 5th, 2012|Dessert, Everything!|

Forget chocolate …… Cacao powder’s here with plenty of the good stuff and minus all the bad stuff (GUILT, SUGAR, CALORIES) Cacao beans come from the seeds of the Amazonian fruiting tree and are the source of all chocolate and cocoa products. How is it different some the regular chocolate and cocoa products? The regular [...]

Clean Eating Update from S & J

By | September 2nd, 2012|diets, Everything!, Facebook, Get Fit Chicks|

Hello Guys, Sana Here Firstly WE just want to apologize for not posting last few days. We have been pretty busy BUT that hasn’t affected our Clean Eating plan :) . How have you guys been going and how was everyone’s weekend? Jacqui and I spent the weekend at the Gold coast where we were attending an [...]


By | September 2nd, 2012|Breakfast, Recipes, Snacks|

CADA; Coconut, Apple, Dates, Almonds  CADA is a muesli-like breakfast or snack combo of minced Coconut, Apple,Date, and Almond. This is a FAST and SIMPLE recipe that makes for a DELICIOUSLY SATISFYING and ENERGIZING breakfast food.  The refreshing flavour of fresh fruit wakes up our taste buds, while natural sugars and protein combine to prepare body and mind [...]

Can you still Eat Red meat if you are on a Clean Eating plan ??

By | August 30th, 2012|Everything!|

Red Meat myths and Facts There has been a lot of controversies surrounding consumption of red meat. Many studies have suggested red meat increased the risk of heart diseases and certain cancers. It is important to know that these studies are directed towards EXCESSIVE meat consumption. Excessive meat consumption means higher amount of saturated fats [...]

Yiayia’s Avgolemono (Chicken Lemon Soup)

By | August 29th, 2012|Everything!|

Avgolemono Chicken Soup   Ingredients; 1 whole chicken 90 g uncooked brown rice salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste 3 egg, beaten 2 lemons, juiced   Method; Rinse the chicken and remove any organs that may be inside. Place in a pot large enough for the chicken to move around, but not too [...]

The Clean Eating Lifestyle

By | August 29th, 2012|diets, diets suck, Everything!|

Is Clean Eating for You ? If you guys have been reading our Blog post you would have come across our latest post where Jacqui gave you guys an update on our Clean Eating Plan that we are doing for the next 12 weeks. She will be posting her daily meal plan each day including [...]

Clean Eating Plan UPDATE: DAY 3

By | August 29th, 2012|Breakfast, diets, Dinner, Everything!, Facebook, Get Fit Chicks, Lunch, Snacks|

DAY 3   Yay its HUMP DAY!  Which means 2 more days till  Sana and I set off to the Gold Coast for the weekend! We hope the weather is nice and sunny so we can do some fun activities in the sun! Todays eating plan for me was great! Up at 500am as usual [...]

Clean Eating Plan!

By | August 28th, 2012|Everything!|

We thought we would blog our way through our week-by-week Clean Eating Plan! Hope you enjoy xo...     Morning Fit Chicks (and our Fit Guys), Its Jacqui here! This week Sana and I started our Clean Eating Plans! I spent my Sunday afternoon writing up a meal plan for myself. This included every single [...]

San Choy Bow

By | August 28th, 2012|Everything!|

San Chow Bow  Ingredients; -          200 gr lean chicken mince -          50g finely diced water chestnuts -          1 carrot finely sliced -          2 mushrooms diced -          1tbsp rice wine -          1tsp grated ginger -          1 tsp soy sauce -          ½ tsp water -          4 tbsp hoisin sauce -          ½ tsp corn flour -          Iceberg lettuce [...]

Fun & Fitness

By | August 27th, 2012|Everything!|

Cycling for Fun & Fitness  Cycling has always been one of mine and Jacquis favourite activities as a child. I remember spending hours most evenings cycling around the block in Kuwait on my purple cycle that my dad gifted me when I was 6. Last week Jacqui and I were reminiscing our childhood days and [...]

Lady Lamington – Trendy healthy breakfast spot?

By | August 23rd, 2012|Everything!, Facebook|

LADY LAMINGTON 483 BRUNSWICK STREET Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 4006 07 3358 6568   A Melbourne-esque sanctuary for Brisbane cafe lovers.  Early morning bike rides and beautiful breakfast. Thursday’s is one of my few days off from uni and work... so I always feel the need to fit in as much as possible so I don’t [...]

Fresh Fruit Smoothie

By | July 23rd, 2012|Breakfast, Facebook, Get Fit Chicks, Recipes, Snacks|

Fresh Fruit Smoothie Ingredients 1 cup fruit ( you can include banana, chopped strawberries , cups of frozen fruits such as raspberries) 4 teaspoon wheatgerm 1tbspn honey 1 cup low fat yoghurt of your choice (Vanilla is usually a good choice) 1 cup low fat / skim milk , alternatively you can also use almond [...]

Eat, Pray, Love

By | July 20th, 2012|Everything!, Facebook, Get Fit Chicks|

Eat well Pray for good Love your Body   Today I went to a seminary to conduct a Nutrition/cooking workshop for the students there and demonstrate how easy and quick it can be to cook up a healthy meal and discuss the importance of Nutrition on our health. I worked with Kaitlin who has also [...]

Eating for Two ( Part 2)

By | July 19th, 2012|Facebook, Get Fit Chicks|

Things to be aware of All pregnant women need to be cautious when preparing and storing food. Listeria and salmonellaa are two bacterial threats that everyone need to be aware of especially if you are pregnant.  Listeria bacteria: is often present in certain high risk foods  and can cause serious illness for pregnant women and the [...]

Eating for Two

By | July 17th, 2012|Get Fit Chicks|

Few weeks ago while I was in Kuwait, I heard one of my gf was expecting her first child. I caught up with her again at my graduation tea party and promised her my next post will be dedicated to her. So here it is :) It’s not surprising that a lot of pregnant mothers [...]

DIY Mania! How to make tissue paper poms!

By | July 14th, 2012|DIY, Everything!|

Morning Fit Chicks,    Yesterday we had Sana's Graduation Tea Party! Such an amazing day. We have had so many requests regarding the decorations so I thought I would add a little DIY to our page! If you have any questions regarding other decorations or particular things from the tea party don't hesitate to ask! We first saw the [...]

10 Diet Myths ….BUSTED!!!!

By | July 7th, 2012|Get Fit Chicks|

  1.Low or no – fat diets work best  - False The body needs fat for energy, so by cutting it out totally you’ll become lethargic and tired. Make sure you still get your essential unsaturated fats founds in avocado and oily fish to keep your body ticking 2. Detox helps kick start a diet [...]

Scrumptious Flavoured Popcorn

By | July 5th, 2012|Facebook, Snacks|

  Scrumptious Flavoured Popcorn   If you have already looked at our Crunchy Chip recipe you will find its very similar! 1. Air-pop your popcorn 2. Choose your seasoning and coat your popcorn. TIP: Lightly spray your air-popped popcorn with a light olive oil spray so the seasoning sticks to it. If you don't have oil spray; [...]

Crunchy Veggie Chips

By | July 5th, 2012|Facebook, Get Fit Chicks, Snacks|

Crunchy Veggie Chips     You can use pretty much any vegetables you want. Here are some options: - Carrots - Potatoes - Beets - Sweet Potato   No matter what vegetable you use the process is the same.   1. Slice your desired vegetable into thin chip like portions. ( I use my ‘V’ [...]

Guiltless fizzy guava drink

By | July 5th, 2012|Everything!, Snacks|

Guiltless fizzy guava drink   What you will need..   1 Fresh Pink/Red Guava,Peeled and chopped. Pinch of powdered Stevia Ice Cubes Ginger (optional) Soda water Assorted berries (fresh or frozen) Fresh mint   What you need to do..   1.Wash Guava and peel the skin. 2.Simply add the stevia ,ginger(optional) and some cold water [...]

Winter Movie Snacks!

By | July 5th, 2012|Facebook, Get Fit Chicks|

We love snuggling up to a good movie in winter!      So excited, tonight I'm at the Drive-Ins with my friend Suzie! Trying to keep myself occupied since Sana is away so I don’t get bored! I haven’t been here since I came last year! And last time we came we ate way too [...]

The ‘In-denial’ Diabetic – a dedication to Papa T

By | July 4th, 2012|Facebook, Get Fit Chicks|

The in-denial diabetic   A couple of weeks ago Papa T and I had a father/ daughter morning where I accompanied him for a doctor’s visit. We have been aware of his diabetes for a while now and seemed to believe it was all under control. Though during the doctor’s visit it was evident he [...]

Cumin Brown Rice Salad

By | July 4th, 2012|Dinner, Lunch, Recipes|

Cumin Brown Rice Salad 300g brown rice (organic) 1 vegetable stock cube (I use fresh vegetable stock i have already made) 1tsp cumin ½ tbs. lemon juice 1 glove garlic, minced 2 large handfuls fresh spinach   Method: Wash brown rice and place in Thermomix basket. Fill Thermomix bowl with 900g of water with vegetable [...]

Staying healthy on the go

By | June 28th, 2012|Breakfast, Everything!, Get Fit Chicks, Snacks|

We are all guilty of using the excuse `im too busy` or ` I just dont have tine`.. But to be honest there is no reason for an excuse. The secret to staying healthy on the go is organisation. We both study full time, live out of home and work long hours, so we make [...]


By | June 28th, 2012|Everything!|

On-the-go-omlette  What you will need... 2 large zucchinis 10 mushrooms (use more if they are small) 150g spinach 2 full eggs 4 egg whites 1 cup low fat (light) grated cheese 1 cup self-raising flour 1/2 cup olive oil salt + pepper   What to do... *Preheat oven to 180 degrees, and prepare muffin tins. [...]


By | June 28th, 2012|Everything!, Facebook, Recipes, Snacks|

ALMOND MILK : 101   What you will need... 1 cup raw almond 4 cups water Vanilla essence High powered blender (we use our Thermomix) Method... Soak 1 cup of raw almonds in water for 4-8 hours to soften Drain almonds and add to blender with 4 cups of water Blend almond and water on [...]