Welcome Fit Chicks,

891921_10151568338400350_411430609_oWelcome to my blog! My name is Jacqui, I am well into my 20s studying Nutrition at QUT in Brisbane, Australia. My Mediterranean background has encouraged my passion for food and 3 years ago I decided to turn my passion into a career. During my journey I have struggled with full time work and study while trying to keep a healthy active lifestyle, after a year into my studies I started to experiment with fast and inexpensive ways to stay healthy and active. This enabled me to create a lifestyle that suits me and allows me to be ‘FIT’.

I am committed to bringing you the latest information on nutrition related issues, break down some of the latest diets and trends while providing fun and easy ways to be healthy and active.

My main belief is to nourish not only the body, but the mind and soul as well. These 3 important parts of life are fundamental to being healthy, living happy and getting fit. I believe in being a good role model, I practice what I preach so here at – Get Fit Chicks – you will find my journey in pictures and blog posts. I love to cook quick, easy nutritious meals, and am inspired by modifying traditional recipes by substituting for a healthy alternative. Being active means more than being stuck in a gym doing the same routine 5 days a week. I’ll share my concept of being active through my blog updates.

So why the name ‘Get Fit Chicks’ – ‘FIT’ just isn’t about having a set of attributes it means much more… Eating happy and Living healthy goes hand in hand.

Get Fit Chicks are:

[ F ]UN: Enjoy life, enjoy food, enjoy your company and the people around you.

[ I ]NVOLVED: Be involved in your choices and your knowledge. Be involved in this                                                         blog, and with your social groups.

[T ]IMELY: It’s about now, it’s about preparing foods in a timely manner. It’s about adjusting your lifestyle to be more active and seamlessly fit with your life.


This is about small changes with compounding results.

 Eat Healthy. Live Happy. Get Fit.

xo j xo

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